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Top 20 Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World

Discover the amazing and colorful variety of different wedding dresses from around the world.

The wedding day is always an important event for any culture, because it symbolizes the uniting of families and the building of a bigger society.

The classic wedding dresses of today became popular only in the nineteenth century, thanks to Queen Victoria. She was the first woman to wear a white wedding dress. Before her, the women chose a traditional dress or a dress that fit the fashion of the time.

Now it is rare to find a wedding dress that is not white. However, in some cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, young couples still prefer traditional wedding dresses. So we have selected photos of brides and grooms wearing traditional clothes for their wedding ceremony from around the world.

01 – Japan

In Japanese weddings, brides usually wear two or more dresses during the ceremony, and are usually white and red.

02 – Ghana

Traditional Ghanaian weddings are very colorful. National fabric designs vary in different colors and patterns. Each family has its own fabric pattern.

03 – Romania

Today, the vast majority of young Romanians prefer weddings in a modern style. However, traditional ceremonies can still be seen in remote areas. Although Romania is not large, each of its regions has its own wedding dress.

04 – Sri Lanka

The bride usually becomes the center of attention on the wedding day. However, if you are invited to a traditional Sri Lankan wedding, you will not be able to take your eyes off the groom.

05 – India

06 – Scotland

In Scotland, the groom traditionally wears the kilt of his clan. After the wedding ceremony, the groom wears a shawl embellished with the colors of his clan around the shoulders of his girlfriend to symbolize his participation in the new family.

07 – Pakistan

Although Pakistan is an Islamic nation, its traditions have much in common with Indian customs. Drawing intricate patterns with henna on the hands of the bride and a red wedding dress are the most popular among them.

08 – Indonesia

Indonesian weddings can vary significantly from island to island. With over 300 ethnic groups and 6 major religions, this relatively small country is a crossroads of various cultures and civilizations.

09 – Caucasus

In a traditional Caucasian wedding, the groom usually wears the circassian coat and holds a sword in his belt. Brides usually choose a traditional white wedding dress.

10 – South Korea

Traditional weddings are becoming more and more popular in South Korea. According to ancient tradition, the groom should take his wife around the back table. This symbolizes that the bride can count on her husband.

11 – Bali

The Balinese wedding will surely amaze you for its richness and magnificence. The traditional wedding gown includes many details. In addition, during the ceremony, both the groom and the bride usually wear gold crowns on the head.

12 – Turkey

Before a Turkish bride leaves her father’s house for the wedding, a male relative ties a red ribbon around her waist. This color means luck, sexuality and happiness.

13 – Bulgaria

At a wedding in Ribnovo, Bulgaria, the bride paints her face in white and is decorated with colored sequins by her in-laws.

14 – Poland

A Polish bride will traditionally wear a white dress and a full veil (welon). The groom will often wear a buttonhole flower to match his bride’s bouquet. If you notice a bride subtly moving a part of her wedding dress to cover the top of the groom’s shoe, she may be following a traditional belief that this will give her a position of dominance in the relationship.

15 – Mongolian

In a traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom each wear what’s known as a Deel which is a form of patterned clothing that’s been worn for centuries by Mongols and other nomadic tribes in Central Asia.

16 – Hungary

In traditional Hungarian weddings, a brides Attire usually includes an embroidered dress with floral patterns and three bright colors. She often wears many underskirts as well as an elaborate head-dress with wheat woven into it.

17 – Peruvian Bride In Peru

Traditional Andean wedding outfits are often bright and include woven cloaks and hats adorned with tassels and reflective material. A special skirt and poncho is made for the bride and groom’s wedding day.

18 – Morocco

19 – Eritrea

The traditional Eritrea bride and groom clothing includes dark velvet crowns and purple and gold robes.

20 – Palembang, Indonesia

Palembang is the second-largest city on Sumatra island in Indonesia. In traditional weddings brides wear what’s called an Aesan Gede, which is a rich and striking costume that evokes the grandeur of the Srivijaya empire.